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Larry Hyman Louisville KY

Hi, my name is Larry Hyman Louisville KY . I love Spain, and I travel and work in Madrid and Louisville, Ky. Larry Hyman Louisville KY has been involved in Spain since 1988 when he attended the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid for six months. Larry made wonderful friends there, and fomented a relationship with the country and the culture which would last a lifetime.See,, and for more info!

Larry Hyman Louisville KY's Bio:

Larry Hyman Louisville KY is the owner of Madrid Partners, LLC.  Larry Hyman Louisville KY owns Real Estate and does business consulting in Madrid and Louisville. He also goes by Lawrence Hyman Louisville, Ky

Larry Hyman Louisville KY  was also the owner of Industrial Disposal, Hyman Scrap Company, Bi-Co Transfer Station, Ibero Imports, and Anytime Waste Systems, all of Louisville, KY.  Larry Hyman is a member of Zeta Beta Tau, Alpha class, Tufts University 1990.  Larry Hyman Louisville KY, his family and family trusts' have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to Jewish causes such as the UJC, JCC and other Jewish Organizations.

Larry Hyman is an entrepreneur, and was ahead of his time in many ideas.  Larry had the idea to bring TetraBrik wines to the US from Spain, but the American Public only knew the cheap, boxed wines from California, and the idea was resisted.  A few years later, and with much marketing efforts, the big corporations started importing the wines from Spain, Europe and the world in tetrabrik with success.

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Spain, wines and craft beers, golf, hiking and skiing Spanish Tutoring and Touring UJC Louisville, KY Board of Directors, one term UJC Louisville, KY Appropriations Comittee, 2 terms JCC Finance Comittee, one term Focus Louisville group

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